Crappie Brothers
Custom Crappie Fishing Equipment


  Crappie Brothers is a group of 6 friends who grew to know each other through their love of crappie fishing. Patrick Corcoran, Jared Marbut, Ryan Halfmann and Scot Vogel met in college at Tarleton State in Stephenville, Texas in the mid 90's and began crappie fishing local lakes with what lures were available in the industry. Through curiosity and experimentation, Patrick started tying his own jigs and the group started using and refining them. Steve Corcoran and Mike Marbut joined the fishing group some years later as their interests grew.  The 6 have made an annual fishing trip to Lake Leon every year for the last 20 years and have fished most of the lakes found in West and North Texas. 
    Thousands of crappie and hand tied jigs later the product has been refined enough to offer to the public and quickly gaining a following. Please look over the site as new items will be added.
  Thanks for looking and see you on the water!